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  • Is the O2–Virgin Media merger bad for customers? CMA investigates

    Published Date:  2021-01-22  Source:  TOTALTELE1
    Locations:  Czech Republic;
    Category:  Providers
    Tags:  O2; fixed; merger; mobile;  Score:  10
    Back in May 2020, mobile operator O2 and fixed operator Virgin Media announced they were seeking to merge their operations for an enormous 31 billion.  The move seemed like a natural fit each operator could provide the other with the infrastruc ...


  • CMA publishes 'issues statement' as part of examination of proposed O2 UK-Virgin Media merger

    Published Date:  2021-01-22  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Spain; UK;
    Category:  Providers
    Tags:  Liberty Global; MVNO; O2; Pay-TV; Telefonica; broadband; fixed; merger; mobile; wholesale;  Score:  45
    Following the request from O2 UK and Virgin Media that their proposed merger be fast-tracked to an in-depth investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the latter body has now published an issues statement in which it details its pr ...


  • Distributel buys fellow Canadian telco Primus

    Published Date:  2021-01-21  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Canada;
    Category:  Networks
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  TV; broadband; cable; carrier; cloud-based; fixed; merger; platform; triple-play; wholesale; wireless; OSS;  Score:  30
    Canadian telco Distributel Communications has acquired fellow independent operator Primus Telecommunications (Canada), which it announced will create a stronger brand offering residential, business and wholesale telecommunications services nationwide ...


  • PlayVS acquires GameSeta to accelerate expansion into Canada

    Published Date:  2021-01-21  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:  Canada;Vancouver;
    Category:  Finance
    Tags:  Play; acquisition; startup;  Score:  10
    PlayVS, the esports company bringing organized leagues to high schools and colleges, is today announcing its first acquisition. The startup, which has raised more than $100 million, has acquired GameSeta, a Vancouver-based startup that is also lookin ...


  • LogRhythm Acquires Cloud-based Analytics Platform Mistnet

    Published Date:  2021-01-14  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Finance
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  acquisition; cloud-based; platform; OSS;  Score:  25
    LogRhythm on Wednesday announced that it has acquired MistNet, a cloud-based analytics platform that delivers vast network visibility and accurate threat detection. The acquisition will allow LogRhythm


  • T-Mobile US to expand 5G network via new deals with Ericsson, Nokia

    Published Date:  2021-01-14  Source:  RCRWIRELESS
    Locations:  US;
    Category:  Finance
    Tags:  5G; Ericsson; investment; merger; wireless;  Score:  15
    T-Mobile US announced five-year, multi-billion-dollar agreements with Nordic vendors Ericsson and Nokia to continue expanding its 5G network nationwide. Part of the network investment following last years merger with Sprint, these new deals will enab ...


  • T-Mobile to Expand and Advance the Nation’s Largest 5G Network with New 5-Year Agreements

    Published Date:  2021-01-13  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE
    Locations:  US;Bellevue;
    Category:  Finance
    Tags:  5G; Ericsson; NASDAQ; Nasdaq; investment; merger;  Score:  15
    BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced five-year, multi-billion-dollar agreements with both Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) to continue advancing and expanding the nations largest 5G network. Part of ...


  • Cisco looks to courts as Acacia pulls out of $2.6bn merger

    Published Date:  2021-01-11  Source:  TOTALTELE1
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Vendors
    Tags:  Cisco; merger;  Score:  10
    Back in the summer of 2019, Cisco first announced plans to merge with optical interconnect products manufacturer Acacia Communications for $2.6 billion. The relationship between the two companies was fairly well established, with Acacia supplying Cis ...


  • Snap acquires location data startup StreetCred

    Published Date:  2021-01-11  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:  US;New York;
    Category:  Finance
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  acquisition; platform; startup; OSS;  Score:  30
    Snapchats parent company Snap has acquired StreetCred, a New York City startup building a platform for location data. Snap confirmed the news to TechCrunch and said the acquisition will result in four StreetCred team members including co-founders Ra ...


  • Altice Europe shareholders approve Next Private buyout offer

    Published Date:  2021-01-08  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Netherlands;
    Category:  Finance
    Tags:  Altice; merger;  Score:  5
    All proposed resolutions related to Next Privates buyout offer for Altice Europe have been adopted at Altice Europes extraordinary general meeting of shareholders (EGM) held on 7 January 2020. The decrees include: the Back-End Resolution (Merger); th ...