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  • Vodafone Starts First Commercial Trials of TIP-Incubated DCSG Solution in South Africa

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  South Africa;
    Category:  Providers
    Tags:  Vodafone;  Score:  95
    Vodafone has started the first commercial trials in Africa of the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) solution that was developed with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). The


  • Utopia p2p Releases CRP (Crypton) cryptocurrency on Crypto Exchanges

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  TELECOM-NEWS
    Locations:  UK;London;
    Category:  Software
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  platform; OSS;  Score:  25
    LONDON, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies of 2020 Crypton (CRP) is coming to the international cryptocurrency market. Recently, it has become available for trading on the exchange platforms latoken.com and ...


  • Orange, Schneider Electric Run Industrial 5G Trials in French Factory

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  France;
    Category:  Providers
    Tags:  5G; Orange;  Score:  125
    Schneider Electric and Orange recently announced the first deployment of indoor 5G in the industrial sector in France on experimental frequencies as part of a trial. Operating


  • AT&T Taps DriveNets for Software-based Core Routing Solution

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Puerto Rico;
    Category:  Providers
    Supertag:  Cloud
    Tags:  AT&T; Cloud;  Score:  15
    DriveNets, the networking software company, recently announced that DriveNets Network Cloud is providing the software-based core routing solution for AT&T - the largest backbone in the US.


  • Papaya Global raises $40M for a payroll and HR platform aimed at global workforces

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Finance
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  platform; startup; OSS;  Score:  25
    Workforces are getting more global, and people who work day in, day out for organizations dont always sit day in, day out in a single office, in a single country, to get a job done. Today, one of the startups building HR to help companies provision s ...


  • Salesforce creates for profit platform to help governments distribute COVID vaccine when it’s ready

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Infrastructure
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  Cloud; platform; OSS;  Score:  25
    For more than 20 years, Salesforce has been selling cloud business software, but it has also used the same platform to build ways to track other elements besides sales, marketing and service information including Work.com, the platform it created ear ...


  • October closes $300 million in new funds for its SME lending marketplace

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Finance
    Supertag:  OSS
    Tags:  SME; funding; investment; platform; startup; OSS;  Score:  25
    French fintech startup October has raised some fresh capital to invest in small and medium companies on its lending platform. Overall, the company has gathered $300 million (258 million) from various partners that will be deployed over the next few y ...


  • ZTE claims 5G NR broadcast first

    Published Date:  2020-09-30  Source:  ADVANCEDTV1
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Services
    Tags:  5G; ZTE; consumer; internet; mobile; mobile internet;  Score:  10
    Mobile Internet consumer technology solutions provider ZTE has launched what it claims is the industrys first broadcast service based on the 5G NR physical layer technology at Ultra High DefinitionSeptember 30, 2020Comments Off on ZTE claims 5G NR br ...


  • Huawei publica el libro blanco de la solución POLAN: Facilitar la transformación de las redes en instalaciones empresariales

    Published Date:  2020-09-29  Source:  TELECOM-NEWS
    Locations:  -
    Category:  Vendors
    Tags:  Huawei; IDC;  Score:  10
    SHANGHI, 28 de septiembre de 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Durante HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei encarg un libro blanco de IDC titulado Perspectivas para los tomadores de decisiones en el rea de informtica: la solucin POLAN como facilitadora de transformaciones ...


  • Amdocs Joins 5G Open Innovation Lab as Founding Partner

    Published Date:  2020-09-29  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  UK;
    Category:  Networks
    Tags:  5G; Sky; carrier; wireless;  Score:  5
    Amdocs announced its partnership in the 5G Open Innovation Lab, a global ecosystem for developers, enterprises, wireless carriers and technology leaders to fuel the development and monetization